Friday, June 11, 2010

Take off your shoes and wiggle your our new grass!

I love Craigslist. Well, most of the time. Yesterday was one of those good times. Ad:

"200 square feet of grass. $20." Yes, please. That's about a 70% savings.

Let me note that I did NOT feel like moving grass. I've been very sore recently from hard outdoor garden things. I had wanted to take an easy evening yesterday and build up my potato box. BUT, I could not pass up that deal.

So, I went and picked up the grass, putting the rolls into bags and distributing them around my car so I wouldn't bust my car's suspension.

I unloaded those and went to the lawn store and bought some turf supplement. Hey, it worked last time, I figured-- why mess with a good thing. I then cleared the area of tall weeds. Or, rather, wacked down the tall weeds. I put down other dirt to help do this-- about 2 inches deep of dirt all around. Or about 10 wheelbarrow loads. Then I added the 2 wheelbarrow loads of turf dirt. Then I rolled out the lawn.

I knew I wasn't going to have enough, but at least the final chunk is prepped for us to put the final stretch in next week. And really, our lawn will end up costing us about $40. TOTAL. It should have cost right at $200. So I'm very much ok with $40.

Sore and tired and worn today, I am proud that this is the result of my efforts yesterday:
No, not the huge chunk missing. This is part of the new grass purchased yesterday. Yes, it goes all the way to our back deck steps.

In this photo (below), you can begin to see where the other new grass strips are.

And there is the rest of the grass. Eventually (we hope), it will look exactly like the grass we got a few weeks ago, which is thriving.

I was a bit stumped over what to do with this little ravine-type area in between the sod and the rocks (see photo below). It dips down a good 4-6". I thought I'd make a little pathway, but B wants to sod it. I can see that too, though we'd have to make the sudden incline not so sudden. More of a slope. That's doable. He's right in that it would look less funky than a sudden path.

The view back towards the deck. Everything in the non-mulched parts of the yard is going crazy. The rain has put the weeds on steroids. This entire grassy area had it's weedy bits, so to have it all covered in nice sod is definitely a nice relief. We need to trim the planter (in the photo below) badly. The butterfly bush has gone crazy, as have the suckers of that tree. There are a lot of weeks in the back by the daylilies too. But, my weedwacker should arrive next week. Then it's time to have destructive fun.

The last section of grass has done pretty darn well. Here's hoping the new grass does too. I really need to mow. I think I may carefully weed wack next week. My neighbor has a mower, but I'd prefer to not constantly borrow.

See what I mean? Overgrown. To definitely be tackled soon.
In good news, the forecast says it should be SUNNY for at least the next 10 days. The number of people whom have mentioned this in the past day is pretty darn hilarious. We're like a bunch of hopeful kids the night before a birthday. We're ok with the rain most of the year, but don't mess with summer!


  1. Love it! The grass is beautiful! I need to check out craigslist.

  2. Thanks Jenna! Of course it got put in right as the sunny weather began (though I'm not complaining!). Just means I have to actually water!