Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Someone came over yesterday to buy a rug (yes she bought it. Woot!). She commented: "wow, this place is amazing! It's like living in a treehouse."

No, our house is not 40' up in the air. But the comment got me thinking. It IS sort of like a treehouse.

It's small and cozy.

It's a little rustic (though we're working on that).

There are rafters.

You only see green out the windows, our you see the deck. And, a few of the windows are actually pretty high up outside, so you feel like you're higher up than you are.

Heck, if she thinks we live in a treehouse, I'm down with that. I'm just happy she liked the place, especially given the chaotic state it was in when she was there!

Chaotic state explanation. We're pretty much moving around every piece of furniture we own. Granted, that's not a super-lengthy list. But, we figured out what was and wasn't working, and we're re-vamping. And organizing. And donating. And dumping. And selling.

Photos to come. Hopefully soon, because I'm getting tired of chaos.


  1. It's fun to catch up on your blog a bit! I haven't added any new content to my blog for a couple of months as I was trying to decide what to do... whether to really "go private" or to continue on. Still not sure. :0) Anyway, it was to see what you have been up to. Loved the post about "coveting what you can't have." I can relate! Things will certainly fall into place when the time is right! Best wishes!

  2. Jennifer--
    So nice to hear from you again! Hope things are going well in your part of the world. I keep repeating that mantra of "everything happens for a reason." Everything that has happened to us has ended up having some good, and now, in retrospect, we're grateful the changes happened. At the time though, it was sure difficult to see the good! The coveting post... I keep telling myself that what is meant to be will be. We will keep plugging away, saving our pennies, in the meantime!

    So great to hear from you.