Tuesday, June 8, 2010

EGG!! EGG!!! EGG!!!!

Eggs!!!!! Today, I let my hens out of the coop, and I saw it: AN EGG! A BABY EGG!! This means one thing: My red girls are laying!!!!

The egg is very small, and the shell is more like a membrane than a shell. There was evidence of another egg having been laid, but I think that one was lacking a shell altogether. As they lay more eggs, the eggs will get bigger and stronger.

But for now, it's a baby egg:
Yes, I know, it has coffee chaff and straw on it. Meh! Adds character.

See, the shell is so week that I can even dent the top of the egg (it will pop back into place).
It's a little small compared to the other eggs (don't worry, I wash the coffee chaff off before using the eggs). It has a long way to go.

This is all pretty darn good news. My girls are 4 months and 1.5 weeks old. Their type of chicken starts to lay eggs between 4-6 months old. I was really hoping they'd start earlier rather than later. And wow! They did!

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  1. How cool, even if it is a soft shelled egg, you know this means they will all start laying soon, so they are about 18 weeks?

    Mine oldest youngsters are about 15-16 weeks and I can't wait till they start laying, so fun!