Friday, July 16, 2010

Ballpark and family

Yesterday, we went out to the ballgame. Yes, literally. Our city recently updated their stadium from the beloved-but-uncomfortable stadium to a new stadium. As B put it "I really shouldn't like this new stadium because the old one was pretty great... but I really like this new one. A lot."

And so began the evening. We liked it, a lot. B and our friends partook in Thirsty Thursdays (aka $1.50 beer), whereas I declined, having gone above and beyond, stupidly, in having a tad too much wine when we went out with friends on Monday. WHYYYY I overdid it on Monday, I don't know. However, I am reminded that if I have more than a glass of wine, I need to make sure to order the panini next time, NOT THE SALAD.

I swear to goodness, my head hurt for three days. And thus the reason for no partaking in Thirsty Thursdays.

In addition to our team winning, I learned that in a week and a half, there will be... wait for it... TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE BALLPARK DAY.

Yes, really.

I made B save his ice cream container (which is served in a plastic baseball cap) so I could clean it out and make it into a hat for Maddie. OF COURSE we're going to this. Oh my gosh. She will have so much fun. And I will have so much fun watching her have so much fun.

Ok ok, maybe I need a kid. But that's not happening. So, the dog gets taken to the ballpark.

In other news...

B's family flies in from Ohio on Saturday! They'll be here for two weeks. They're not staying with us (um, there's no place for them to stay), but they'll be in a hotel nearby. It will be really nice to have them here.

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