Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In laws and grape vines

My inlaws are in town today. Well, they've been in-state, but today they work their way down to our little cottage. They're staying in a hotel with B's sister too-- where would they fit if they stayed with us?!

And I keep thinking... crud, I haven't planted the grapes.

Ok, it's not that important for me to get the grapes planted. But they represent the ten thousand little things that I'd like to do.

Will my inlaws care if my old cast iron pans are on the counter rather than hung up (same thing for our new spice set-up)? No. But, I wish they were!

So, this morning as I bumble through what needs to get done, I keep having to review... "does it REALLY need to get done, or is there something more pressing?"

Bathrooms, floors, and dishes= pressing. Grape planting= not so much. Poor grapes.

But, the dog has been washed. Yes, this was on a pressing list, as she smelled pretty stanky. With her fur, "bath" is not an appropriate term. "Full-on soaking until the fur soaks up water like a sponge" is more appropriate. It takes her fur about 20 dunkings to actually take up the water. Little duckling. And oh oh oh, the water that she carries around with her afterward. There were multiple shakings. And the ear drying solution I have to squirt into her ears... oh, the hatred! She hid behind the couch until I put the container away. Much scooting along the floor with her ears to the ground. Rub rub rub.

But it was all worth it when she got to the "I feel pretty!" stage. Much trotting around joyfully. See, Mads, baths aren't that bad!

The inlaws are darn nice people. Let's just hope they like indoor grape plants.

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