Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Art: Acquired.

Oh Art and the Vineyard. You do not disappoint. We trotted over there on Saturday around 1, and then stayed until after 6. Oh lovely day. Sunshine, warmth, good people. My sister rode on the collapsed bike basket on my bike/trike. No injuries, she had fun, and man, I got a workout. Tossing an extra person's-worth-of-weight and pedaling on a single-speed, already-slow-because-it-has-three-wheels bike is a workout. We parked the bikes on the bottom of my work building, and then walked the 5 minute walk over to Alton Baker Park.

I, almost immediately, fell in love with two statues. They were two people, both wrapped in colorful shawls, with happy, content, peaceful smiles on their faces. Extra, crazy-large feet gave them nice stability. And, on top of one's head, there was a chicken, and on top the other's, there was an egg. Nicely themed, but not chicken thematic. I don't want crazy country chicken-themed stuff in my house. They were by Diana Cuyler. If you like them, you can email her at cuylerfarm@msn.com.

Diana was so nice and friendly. After walking about four booths further, I talked with B, and then I turned around and made an offer on the pair. She accepted, and said I could get them at the end of my stay, that way I wouldn't have to lug two statues around.

Each one is about 14" tall, with bases about 4" in diameter. I love them.

Happy face #1
Happy face #2.

We plan on clearing up the bookcase top a bit more, that way they are a bit more prominent. I was going to hang a shelf, but our funky cottage apparently lacks studs. Further evidence of this was my shelf of cookbooks crashing to the floor in a fantastic crash at 11:30pm on Sunday night. More on that in another post though... But, since I don't want these beautiful creatures destined to the same death as my blue mixing bowl (which suffered a breakage in the above-mentioned cookbook freefall), we decided to not hang a shelf, and instead, let them live on top the Expedit.

In other arty news, I finally found frames and hung up our Oregon prints. We asked for them in our Amazon registry-- they are really nice giclee prints. No, they're not matted, and yes, the frames could be much nicer. Some day, both will happen. But for now, they are on the wall, look nice, and are protected.

At Art and the Vineyard, we also picked up a few more fun prints. We got these two prints by Barton DeGraaf (website: www.frogswineandravens.com). They are just so colorful and funny that we cannot wait to frame and put them by the wine rack.

And the second one:
A little silly, yes, but meh. We love them.

B also got this one for his office. I think this is a bit laughable, since he often works with troubled people (including people with alcohol issues), but if this is what it takes for him to be able to do his job and do it well, then, well, he has every right to a print of froggies with beer.
B also got some pottery. I'm hoping this inspires him to make more pottery. He got this lovely teapot (which is great, since our old one broke and I cut myself on it the other day), and two mugs (not pictured). Please ignore my HORRIBLE fingernail polish job, as well as my unorganized-but-soon-to-be-organized spices.

I got another animal print for the house, and B got a few more animal prints for his office. More on them at another point. AND, while poking around on ETSY this weekend, I found a hopefully-fabulous idea that will give us three more art pieces on our walls and (hopefully) finish our quest-to-redo-the-house. More on them when they arrive!! Excitement.

So that was Saturday. Sunday, it was all about the BBQ and me consuming too much of my sangria concoction. Monday, I regretted the sangria. Oy. But not regretted too much that I did not fully and wholeheartedly enjoy Bobby McFerrin's performance at the arts center last night. Swoon! MAGNIFICENT.

And now, I'm going to try to work and not get drool on my office table by falling asleep. I dropped my sister off at the airport this morning. Airport (the large one): 2 hours away. Her flight takeoff time? 6am. I've been up since 2:45am, folks. I'm armed with a latte. Thank goodness for $2 any coffee drink Tuesdays.

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