Friday, July 2, 2010

The weekend of fun where we all went a tad mad

Woo. What a weekend of fun we have planned.

But. Busy. Lordy lordy, busy.

I have a meeting with someone at 3 today to check out something I posted on Craigslist. I have a meeting at 12:30 also. My sister arrives at 6:30 at the airport. A friend's celebration thing starts at 5:30. And right now, I'm at work.


And somehow, in all that, I need to:
  • Finish cleaning the house (and the gosh-awful bathroom)
  • Organize the upstairs.
  • Finish staining the pergola and screw it together (so no one kills themselves this weekend)
  • Fix the laundry situation (and organize so we can use the laundry room...)
  • Make a list of final things for B to get from the grocery store
  • Pick up a few bottles of $3-$4 wine at Trader Joes (we can have some nice bottles this weekend, but I'm sorry, I'm using the cheap stuff for sangria).
  • Swing by the bank to deposit a check and get money for this weekend's festivities.
I'd also like to:
  • Haul dirt to fill the 3 garden beds that need filling
  • Plant the rest of my boxwoods
  • Plant the rest of the seeds that need planting
  • Possibly build a trellis for my cucumbers (that are getting bigger and bigger)
  • Pick raspberries from next door and make jam (before they fall off because they're overripe)
  • Shuck peas, blanch and freeze
  • Buy 3 vine plants to put on the pergola and hang baskets
  • Bake about 6 dozen cookies (dough already made) for the BBQ on Sunday.
In short, the "I'd also like to" list is not going to get done. I'm thinking that maybe, I can get the garden beds taken care of on Saturday morning. That's if the pergola is finished. If not, that takes priority.

I had 17 boxwoods. I've planted 3. I have a box ready for 3 more. I have 4 big buckets. What to do with the remaining 7? I'm honestly considering putting them in tubs for the time being........ Or putting 4 around the weeping willow. Hmmm...

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