Thursday, December 30, 2010

Car update!

Though I did not scrub out my car today (too cold!), I did make two purchases which I'm quite thrilled about.

First off: A TRUNK LINER!! I found one on deep discount and free shipping. It has grates on it for things to not slide around, but it also has a lip to keep things from slipping in the crack to the wheel/side basins. I AM SO EXCITED. And, it's this durable plastic, so I can pop it out and hose and/or shake it off if it gets dirty.

Next, for the pickle pooch that gets muddy paws all over my car and somehow always avoids the blankets:
Yup, a doggie hammock. Now my car will stay clean! I'll have to make sure she can still see out between the front seats. She loves to put her paws on the island between the two front seats and stare out the front window. I chose this style because it looks the most easily removable for when people need to ride in my car. It hooks simply to the headrests! And, it will keep Mads from tumbling into the footwells of the backseat when the car needs to stop quickly. Let's hope it works out! Ebay had them new for pretty cheap, AND they're waterproof!


  1. I've never seen one of those doggie hammocks! Very cool. Might have to check out ebay!

  2. Yea for the new liner and pet hammock, things like these simple improvements are sometimes all you need!