Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The house exploded. Because of groceries.

Ok, maybe not really explode, but I've been taking advantage of some deals.

First off, I've become a coupon queen. I actually really enjoy it, hunkering down with my scissors. I don't go all out crazy with online things, unless there's a great deal or something's just way too expensive to fathom spending full price on. Though I do always look up coupon codes when ordering online. SO, those things have been helpful. I don't just purchase straight-out because I have a coupon. There's an analysis. Do we need it? Do we need it now? When's the expiration?

Secondly, there have been a lot of "Spend $50 and get $10 off"-type coupons in the newspaper recently. B found one today and gave it to me. I stocked up on some things that were on sale, carefully counting my total to aim for the around-$50 mark anyway. Done. $10 off.

Next, one of our local supermarkets had a "buy $150 worth of gift cards and get $15 back on your next shopping trip" deal. Normally? Not my style. BUT, they had $150 worth of gift cards to places we'd be GOING TO ANYWAY, so I did it. $15 thank you. If it's somewhere we'll be spending money ANYWAY, it's nice.

Finally, my dad called me to tell me Albertson's (grocery store out West... dunno if it's national) had a deal where if you buy $100 worth of giftcards, you get $20 back. Even better than the other supermarket's deal. The main card worth the hassle for? GAS STATION. Um, yes please. Sign me up for two. So, hopefully (haven't done it yet) we're spending $200, getting $40 back, and now our gas is paid for the next month or two. I say "hopefully" because the deal is only down at my dad's store, so he's hopefully getting it for me.

I should also add that before you buy anything big at any department stores, LOOK ONLINE. B fell in love with a $475 coat that WE THOUGHT was $99 (a GREAT price for a new, heavy, Ralph Lauren coat). However, the $99 price was a mislabel on the rack, pertaining to OTHER coats. DRAT. Real sale price (on black Friday no less)? $199. Nope, no can do. We went home, went online, and found it on the department store website for $154. Luckily, we waited a few days, because that Sunday in the newspaper, there was a coupon for $25 off $100 or more purchase. So, the coat ended up costing us $129, and B has a coat that will last him for years, if not decades. The thing is GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS!!! We did have to bring in the online ad printout, but it was pretty easy peasy from there.

Happy shopping!

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