Monday, December 20, 2010

The happy office hound.

This is the tale of the office hound.

The office hound loves to go to work. Dressed up in her finest duds, she takes every opportunity to be social. This includes being happy to any passers-by she may see through her car window.

Alas, the poor office dog becomes melty and tired due to the vast throngs of admiring fans. This can be viewed by frontal-leg-collapse syndrome in the photo below. Or perhaps this is due to the vast weight of her hat.

But what's that the office hound hears? Possible visitors? Possible fans? She rushes to the door to see what fun abounds from passers-by.

Having been loved and adored once more, office dog is alive with happiness. No more melty paws. There's also the possibility the hat will soon be removed, cause for ample rejoicing.

Santa outfit removed, it's time to relax. Office hound knows the best place to stretch out is under the client chair. No accidental paw stepping-on by the humans, and it's also a great place to watch the doorway for her fans.

But office hound is not all seriousness. The office is a great place to play games, and many a game of peek-a-boo under the office desk (a very productive pastime) occur.

Finally, office hound is tired. No better place to fall asleep (and/or look pitiful and definitely a pup in need of scratches) than right in front of the door gate. Please note she has decided upon a most sympathetic body layout, what with the head on paws and back paws extended. Office dog does not leave any stone unturned for the possibility of setting herself up for getting great scratches.

In case you were confused by the last photo, here is a close up of the optimal dog sorrowful-please-give-me-scratches pose. Must place this pose by the front door for best results.

At the end of the day, office hound is tired. But leaving the office is not a sad occasion-- it means she gets to return home to her cat fans. This is cause for much celebration, love, and, of course, scratches.

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