Friday, December 10, 2010

The lack of and need for a file system.

My mom kept track of my health insurance stuffs through college. I had no idea at the time what a blessing that was. I mean, TRULY. You should see her organization. When she handed the file over to me, it was tabbed. There was a cover sheet on the front, indexing what had been received, what had needed to be paid, and what had been done.


Let us pray for personal evolution, because I do not do that right now. But I should.

B and I are pretty crudtastic when it comes to keeping records. Well, to keeping PERSONAL records. We do very well when we're at work. But somehow, for some reason, it is difficult for mail to get opened and sorted and filed.

BLAH. So boring.

This is actually pretty strange, because I'm becoming more of an organized fiend as I get older. A year ago, if you had asked me where something was in my apartment, I'd probably have a 50% chance of finding it in 10 minutes or less. Now? Significantly faster and higher odds. We've cut down, we've organized. But, for some reason, FILING DOES NOT FIT THE BILL.


So what to do? We tried the file box thing, but that floundered. Maybe a shelf SOLELY dedicated to files? Something easy to access? I'm pondering, because an overhaul is needed.

Don't get me wrong, we pay our bills on time. But I tell ya, if it wasn't for websites and auto pay and you name it, there are months when we could possibly be up the creek. Things just get lost. Then shredded.

So, that's the goal of this next month (oh, besides all the holiday to-dos). Get organized on bills and personal records. Yes, to become my mother.... kind of. :)

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