Thursday, December 2, 2010

The cat that had 7 toes and purred like a hummingbird

Paddington is my bud. With 7 toes on each of his front paws (rather than 5 on each), he looks like he has mittens. Or seal flippers. And his purr is so loud and flittery (like a happy hummingbird) and ongoing that the vet last visit could not hear Pad's heartbeat.

No joke.

And let me just say: He is the most grateful cat. I don't know what he came from, but he's sure happy to be here.

I took this yesterday. The real cuteness begins at 0:20, but you can hear his loud purring before that point.

Meanwhile, Frankie (the gray cat) has a cold or allergies. He's been walking around, sneezing. We're keeping a close eye on him.

And Rumpole (the deep orange one). He's recently discovered that the oil-filled radiator emits warmth. He's currently passed out next to it with this look of joy on his face.

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