Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the same boat with my car.

I do this every year. And every year I curse myself.

See, I drive an almost 14-year old Camry. GOOD cars. But, like everything else, the older something gets, the more issues will be had.

For the past few years, Goldie (the car) has had this weird issue where she gets water in the trunk. We hunted down the problem a while back and determined the water was getting in through the cast off of the wheels, which then entered the trunk through a vent.

A fix was attempted, but it didn't work.

So, for the past two summers, I've told myself that I needed to seal that vent.

Did it get done? No.

So now (especially so since it's raining) I have water in the wheel basin and side basins in my trunk. And on warmer 45*+ days, it gets all murky lurky back there. Which means that right now I have a blanket and a few sweaters and a bunch of other stuff that has remained back there because it is just cold and gross to remove.

Which means that right now I'm on the hunt for a garage. Yes, you read that right. A garage. We don't have one, and I really would prefer having one to empty out and fix this car issue. Plus, I'll need to have an electricians lamp and/or heater plugged in to help dry out the trunk. And, well, I'd prefer to not have my trunk rained on as I'm trying to dry it out.

Worst case scenario, we can take black tarping and attach it to the back windows of the car and the rest of it to the house, creating a little camp-like set-up. Obviously, this is not the optimum of circumstances, but it will work. I'm hoping for a garage first.

Why didn't I do this in the summertime when the water wasn't a chilly 40ish degrees and I need snow gloves to do this? Good question. Let me know if you figure out the answer.

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