Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Harvest 2010

Harvest isn't quite finished for 2010! I harvested these lovelies yesterday afternoon:

With the exception of a few other small carrots though, onions and herbs are the only things "harvestable" from our yard. Which is ok by me-- it's kinda soggy out there. Ok, it's really soggy out there.

Last night I made homemade lentil soup with kielbasa. It was a good example of advance planning, if I do say so myself. The lentils were purchased in bulk and were under my counter. The spices I got from the bulk bins in small quantities. I used 8 pints of homemade poultry broth (which means I need to make more, and yes, I realize what that would have cost me if I had purchased it in the store). Frozen tomatoes from my garden were in the chest freezer, as was the kielbasa (which was purchased on deep discount with a store sale and coupon). The onions were in dry storage from the yard. The celery I had in the fridge-- I had salvaged the thing from a previous life stuck in the back of the fridge after Thanksgiving. A cleaner fridge, and better-suited produce fridge bin meant the celery survived this long to be eaten last night. If you ignore the cost of freezing and seeds, I made a double batch of lentil soup (BIG soup pot full) for about $5. It's pretty healthy too. Very nice to have on hand.

The garden still needs some work done. The raspberries need to be trimmed and the blueberry patch weeded. The garden beds and tomato area need their old plants pulled. Currently, the soggy remains of plants that once were are there, and it's just a bit depressing.

But hey, yesterday? I took down the hammock and moved it to a dry spot. Now THAT is productivity! Right?


  1. Wow your carrots are gorgeous, love the colors. Also way to go on your soup, love using what I have on hand. I bet it was super yummy.

  2. Thanks! I love planting multi-colored carrots for this reason. However, the Territorial Seed orange carrots I planted? To die for. Seriously-- they tasted so sweet and so delicate. No hard carrots here. Very slicable and so delicious.

    The soup is still super-yummy. We're working our way through it!