Monday, December 27, 2010

Collecting bricks...

B to me: Ever think about buying property out of town?

Me: Yes, but you do know what that will mean, right?

B: What?

Me: Buying a lot of land. Because I'll be plumb content to be in a trailer as we make bricks to create the perfect vineyard home on our 20 acres of wine grapes.

A fair warning indeed.


  1. Looks kind of like our place! Ha! :) Would you believe my husband actually built a brick maker when we brought our land and house with this same idea in mind?! Hope you had a great Christmas and HAPPY New Year!

  2. Of course it is! Because you live the wonderful wine life. :) I'm still hoping we can someday do a bottle swap. And how are you and the soon-to-be Schram!?