Monday, February 14, 2011

Evolution of a tomato field.

This was our tomato field last May. We added some dirt to make rows. You can see our berry boxes in the background. The tomatoes were in between our berry boxes and all our other boxes with our vegetables.

Once the dirt was added, the tomato plants were planted.

We made crazy tomato cages (which worked!!) out of dead laurel branches.

And the tomatoes grew and grew.

And then, the season ended.

Which brings us to earlier this month. B removed the tomato cages. We decided to shift our vegetable boxes over to next to the berry boxes, giving us all our produce garden beds in one location, rather than in two locations in the yard. It also gives us a bigger field in front of our house for dog play.

It took a lot of hard work, but we leveled the ground and moved AND filled fifteen 3'x6' boxes.

Now all our boxes are together.

Here are the boxes in their old location, just a week or two ago. You can see our tarp-covered deck and our teeny cottage in the background.
And now: Today. No more boxes. We left the pea boxes in place because they provide a nice barrier and they're pretty darn close to the edge of the other boxes.

Yup, no more big boxes. The chickens' temporary coop is still there. We still need to move the six low-lying boxes too. But those are much easier. And we're not going to move them... simply REMOVE them and rake the dirt down. Much easier.

Now we just need to throw some grass seeds down. It's been a lot of work, but we think the yard will look a lot nicer. And, once we get mulch in between the boxes in their new location, the weeds will be a lot easier to contain.


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