Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scrapbook and yard updates

Well, we have 7 of the 12 garden beds moved, and 6 of those 12 are filled.

Let's just say that's a lot of work. And, our yard, mid-project right now, looks a little strange. Like some giant garden bed plucker came along and took our garden beds. All that's left of the ones that have been moved are these rectangular footprints. Weird.

I actually may have semi-miscalculated, and we are likely able to fit 15 beds into the spot. Whether we'll do this or not is to be determined.

Scrapbook-wise, I've completed Nov '09 through March '10. That means all my "old" months that I already did have been redone. And wouldn't you know it: April and May arrived in the mail yesterday. No rest for the weary.

Well, the morning is filled with meetings, so I'd best be off... after grabbing another cup of coffee....

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