Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrapbook Update!

Remember: My project is to finish every month, July 2009 through June 2011, by July 2011.

Here's an update!

I've redone all months that had been done in the old 9.5x11 format: November '09, December '09, January '10. I also redid the part of February '10 that had been done in the 12x12 format.

In addition, the rest of February through May is finished, with June being partway finished.

So.... on the completed list:
November 2009
December 2009
January 2010
February 2010
March 2010
April 2010
May 2010

Nice!! I also know that I did not take a ton of photos in August or October 2009, and I think July 2009 was a bit minimal too, so I think those months will be easier. September 2009 has Maddie puppy photos, so we know that'll be a long month.

It's still a long way to go... 24 months total, only 7 done. But, still much better than NONE done!

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