Friday, February 18, 2011

We came, we saw, he conquered.

The new Matthew Knight Arena opened up just last month. It's pretty stunning, I think. Kind of crazy to think what was there (a 7-11 and a few other scattered stores), and now what is there.

The first, BIG, entertainment show (non-basketball): Sir Elton John!
Tickets sold out in about 6 minutes, but WE GOT TWO.

And we saw ELTON.

Our seats were not shabby. And, we had great positioning to fully appreciate all the crazy backgrounds his crew threw up. Rock? Sure, here's your flaming skull.

Need something nicer? Here are some flowers.

Oh, and the performer's name again, in case you forgot. Also note that the name is appearing in the flames of a ROCKET-- of COURSE part of "Rocketman"!!

And the legend himself, bedecked in a long overcoat with a sequined mermaid on the back and a purple ruffly undershirt. Or an ascot? I couldn't tell, but it was rock star level awesomeness.

Elton singing "Rocketman" as an old photo of him on screen goes into a rocket.

And let me say: The man can play.

Gotta have some Marilyn.

"Goodbye Norma Jean," dedicated to Matthew Knight, whom the arena is named after.

"The Bitch is Back"!!!

One of my favorites: "Crocodile Rock"!! Yes. I sang. And the entire audience belted out the Naaaa----nananana-naaaaaa parts.

Mermaid sequins.

He was very flamboyant in his audience salutes.

Three whole hours of singing and playing. No intermission.

Rock star.

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