Monday, February 21, 2011


Two of our friends got married to each other on Saturday.

On an island. In the Puget Sound. Across the water from Seattle.

So, we drove this weekend.

As my sister lives in Kirkland (right next to Seattle), we visited her on Friday evening and Saturday morning, before heading across the water by ferry to Bainbridge Island.

And then yesterday, we drove back home, stopping in Portland to visit some friends briefly. There were more people we needed/wanted to visit, but time just didn't permit.

I should add: we had both dogs with us. Again, I'm amazed that our dogs take traveling so well. We knew it would be good with Maddie, but Bailey, who turned 12 weeks yesterday, was a bit up in the air. We knew he liked cars, but long car rides was a different matter. Turns out he either looks out the window, gnaws a bone, or sleeps. Mostly the last one.

And, our dogs who normally don't get to see human beds (because ours is in a loft with a ladder... not pup-conducive) got to see TWO beds this weekend- one in each hotel. Dog bliss. I woke up on Sunday morning with a corgi snuggled on the upper part of my pillow and sort of wedged in the crack between the end of the bed and the headboard. She thought this was just brilliant. Sensing a potential crack-down on this behavior, before I could say anything to her, she rested her head on my shoulder. I'm a total softie.

Then, of course, they rolled around in something in Portland and smelled to high heaven for the next two hours home. First matter of business upon getting home? BATHS.

Regardless of dog smells, it was a GREAT weekend. I'm just pretty darn tired. This is why no photos are yet uploaded and why this post is just text and my ramblings. Heads up: the same thing may be coming tomorrow too. Brief vacations away do this.

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