Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chin meet skull.

Last night, I was fixing the bed covers. Bailey was being very patient and putting his head on the edge of the bed, but waiting for me to finish fixing the covers so he could jump up. I leaned down to pet him and say "good dog".... but he took that as human praise meaning he could jump up on the bed.

Wham crack! My chin met the top of his thick-boned noggin as he sprung upwards with great speed. I reeled backwards, clutching my chin (and probably looking ridiculous). He must have been terrified, because he ran into the hallway and observed me from there with great worry.

The result? A swollen chin that looks fine today (just a tad pink and sore). But ouch! Darn dog.

I should also add this numbskull (literally, last night. Ha!) dog made SAD noises outside my home office door earrrrly this morning and even pawed a bit at it. That's all loving and fine, but I was on a call back east to NY for work. Thanks pup.

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