Monday, January 16, 2012

Our bedroom transformation

Late last May, less than a month after we moved in, we painted our bedroom. It was a change that made sense at the time, since at that time, we had a white bedframe and gray nightstands (then purple). The gray worked.

Since that time though, we upgraded to a beautiful, wood bedframe. We tried to convince ourselves that the gray worked (since we got the new bedframe barely a month after the walls went gray). And then, earlier this month, we found new, wood nighstands.

The nightstands pushed us over the edge to consider repainting the bedroom. We had some art in the room that just wasn't working well, and we could never find the right pens to make our quote wall work. And, while I loved our ampersand, Bob convinced me that we could always paint a new one again somewhere else.

And then, we found the perfect paint color: "New Penny" by Behr (Behr's colors always run darker and more vibrant than their online paint chips, so take that link with a grain of salt).

So, without further ado, here is the transformation. Results? We are in LOVE.



We're also thinking of putting two white shelves (the floating kind where you can't see brackets) to the left of the window to balance out the window. Thoughts? I tried to draw two white shelves in the below photo:




After: Bye-bye ampersand, helloooo gorgeous art wall!

Before: Corner facing the backyard.




Close-up of nightstand before:

Nightstands after:

We are very pleased. We still have many to-dos though.

1) Figure out new curtains. The old ones darkened the room too much, so we're deciding between wood pull-up blinds and roman blinds.

2) Touch up paint. That always happens.

3) French closet door! Yes, really. It's down in the garage, cut to size, and half painted.

4) Drawer fix-up. I'd also like to look into putting better guides on the drawers.

5) Shelves or no shelves? We'll see

6) Bedside mats/rugs or not? I'd like to have something warm on the floor on either side, but we seem to always have animal issues (little snots!) with rugs.

But for now? We'll bask in the glow of our new (it feels like it!) room.

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