Friday, January 20, 2012


I bought tulips yesterday to cheer up my kitchen.

Why? Here's why...

Here's what the tulips look like in the middle of the day with a flash on the camera:

And here's what happens, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, without a flash:

It's been a tad rainy and gloomy recently. Don't get me wrong: I live in the Pac NW and have accepted the weather. I usually like the weather too. But sometimes, a kitchen needs tulips (especially since they get to go in the awesome vase/pitcher from Omom and Odad).

In other, semi-related news, our house is not in a flood zone and our city is mostly in the clear, and so we are not at risk for the flooding that is happening nearby. It's not supposed to stop raining (at least, so says the 10-day forecast). We know people impacted and friends of friends impacted, so we're hoping everything turns out ok. More news here: Oregon flooding.

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