Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Window seat evidence for convincing.

Sometimes it feels like... somebody's watching me!!!

I'm of the opinion that our dining room would look AMAZING with a built-in window seat.

Bob does not share in this opinion.

So, to help convince him, I pushed our two benches together against the wall, just to give us an idea of depth and height of possible future built-ins. Not only are the benches more comfortable, but we've also had an additional person who has fallen in love with the benches:

(please ignore the post-Christmas mess).

He LOVES to look out the window with his front arms on the bench and his head either upright or resting on the windowsill. If something catches his eye (which, let's face it, something is always making this dog happy), the tail will slowly wag back and forth. Yesterday, he saw the neighbor's garage open and kids come out. Incredible happiness.

So, if this photo could talk, Bailey would be saying "oh please! I love my windowseat. I'd love it even more if was more stable and not a bench and had a cushion! Joy of Joys!"

I should also add that Bailey usually watches Bob head off to work from his new windowseat. A windowseat is the way for a sad pooch to show love.

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