Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mud. Mud mud MUD.

Remember that little bit of snow we got this morning? Well, the temps stayed in the mid-30s, but that was warm enough to melt the snow and turn the frozen earth into MUCK.

And, not only did we have our two dogs, but we were also watching Moto this weekend for a coworker. It was a bit icy out and dreary, so we didn't want to go anywhere (and transport wet dogs), so we let the dogs into the backyard to get out some energy and let them get filthified.

It turns out they are VERY VERY good at getting filthy.

Youtube video of our FILTHY kitchen and very, very, very, happy, dirty dogs (video upload on blogspot wasn't working):
Click here for the video.

You have no idea how long that kitchen floor took me to clean.

Here's Bath #1 for Bailey:

He actually got two baths because after his first one, he went back into the kitchen. The floors were so filthy (and he wasn't still 100% clean!) that he got dirty again. He had to go back for bath #2 after I cleaned the kitchen (till then he was made to sit on a small towel), and that bath he got SCRUBBED. He now smells like coconut and is prancing around like a pretty princess.

Moto didn't need scrubbing. Hurray for short fur.

And, Maddie got a bath too. Ever think Corgis don't get dirty easily? Check out all the mud that little undercoat holds:

You have to admire how stoic she is. Fine, do your worst. Just try.

I've cleaned the bathroom floor, but I dread that tub. And to think... it was just cleaned two days ago. Sigh.

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