Monday, March 2, 2009

Place cards pt. 3 and menu!

Now this solves a whole slew of issues.

Napkins: folded flat across the plate. I like that. Clean. Put the MENU on top the napkin, and the menu, though on white paper, will have a colorful backing, so it will stick out from the menu.

Put the giftbox in front of the plate (like at the 12 o'clock position). The giftbox has the person's name on it, and can match the card hanging on the wall (see last post).

Problems all solved. I can live without the stained wood idea in an earlier post. This looks classy. And the look of napkin rings... it's one I can live without. And this way, the napkins don't really have to be folded either. Press and store.

And yes, our plates are square.

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