Monday, March 23, 2009

Small freezer!

After weeks of hounding craigslist, we have a small chest freezer! Ok, it's actually a side-opening freezer (not a top, chest-freezer), but it's about 3.5-4 cubic square feet, and it was only $20. It works well and everything.
Ok, that's not actually it. Ours is bigger, but you get the idea. I'd take a picture of the actual freezer, but... it's kinda stuck in my car. B's down south right now. The person I bought it from helped me load it, which was an adventure.
We tried to lay it in the  backseat... 1.5" too big to fit. 
We tried to put it in the trunk (which I wasn't too happy about because it's raining outside and a 40 minute drive home), but it was 2" too big to fit. 
So finally, we laid the front seat down and passenger seat down. Then we put the freezer in over both chairs and then rotated it 90 degrees so it would lay flat on the passenger seat. Then we pushed it all the way back (because the way it was was putting my car car in permanent "park" position; I couldn't move the stick), and bungie corded it to the back headrest. B had put recycling plastic containers in the trunk, so I put those trashbags between the dashboard and the freezer, that way it was a bit more of a buffer in case the bungie didn't hold and I had to stop fast. 
MADE IT HOME! Photos will occur when it is out of the car. Maybe when it's wedged in the car too, because it's kinda impressive. 
My neighbor is going to help me unload it in the next day or two. I hope it's soon because right now I can't see out of my rearview mirror. Luckily, I take the bus to work!
But this is so nice, because now we have enough space for everything. I want to make MORE than enough food for everyone, and just a freezer wasn't going to hack it. Granted, we have 2 salads and B's mac and cheese, but still. I want a LOT of food because I'd rather have too much than run out! B agrees. 
So exciting.

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