Monday, March 30, 2009


So tired from this weekend... photos will be posted a bit later (today, tomorrow... sometime).

Work till 4 (worked crazily through the week to do this), drove down to Eugene.
Picked up Sweet Life cake (yumm).
Picked up beer cheese Bierstein soup (a B favorite).
Drove to Springfield.
Coordinated with people arriving for party, did not tell B I had left Portland yet.
B arrived-- he was more baffled than surprised.
Party party party
Check Heather into hotel around 11:30.

Sleep in a bit (yay... tho not long enough)
Get Heather
Meet with Katherine for breakfast.
Tour Eugene with Heather and Bob (skinner's butte, columns, old apartments, university, etc)
Show Heather the dress rehearsal dinner spot.
Go to hall to measure it, it had an event, so that was postponed until Sunday
Value Village it up with amazing 50% off discount ($2 skirts and shirts, anyone?)
Swing by Hendrick's park to see Rhododendrons and cherry blossoms.
Stop by for quick North Bank drink to watch the birds and river
Show Heather the church.
Meet with church music director to organize music for wedding.
Go to Market of Choice (Heather: fully impressed and wanted the whole store. And wants to go back).
Go to Safeway.
Go by Amazon and a few other places.
Go to Springfield for dinner and movie.
Drop Heather off at Hotel.

Get going... took a while.
Get gas and coffee (Dutch Bros-- yum! and friendly)
Get Heather and check her out of hotel.
Get B's car from Springfield and tape measurer
Measure reception hall and take photos.
Drop B's car off in N. Eugene.
Get Cafe Yumm for lunch (yummmm)
Drive to Hinman/Sylvan Ridge Vineyards to taste/buy
Drive to Sweet Cheeks Vineyards to taste/buy
Drive back to Hinman/Sylvan Ridge for Heather to buy.
Drive to Florence (on coast).
Drive to sand dunes. watch nutjobs try to offroad up sand dunes.
Drive further down sand dunes, park car, hike over dunes to ocean.
Walk down beach for a while.
Drive to Haceta Head & see lighthouse and creek and etc.
Drive to Newport and go to Rogue Brewery.
Eat dinner at brewery.
Stop by distillery and realize their prices were horrendous.
Drive to Florence and then Eugene (missed the darn turnoff to drive to Salem from Newport and then Eugene).
Drop off B, get stuff.
Get gas, see new hospital so Heather can drool over it.
Drive to Portland. Get home at 11:30pm. YAWN.

Very tired.

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