Sunday, November 28, 2010

The night where I sing "Hockey Monkey" at the top of my lungs

Me: What are you putting on the computer?

B: Oh, just a series I think you might like.

(B loads up the computer but then leaves the room for a few minutes)

Me: "The Loop"?? We watched this series. I can't believe you forgot this.

B: (Nothing. Quiet in the other room)

(Meanwhile, after a minute or two, the theme song for the series comes on...)

Me (at the top of my lungs):
All the scientists are running around
looking for the monkey, but he can't be found,
'cause he's down by the pond
playing hockey with the kids.

And all the mothers are running around
looking for their children, but they can't be found,
'cause they're down by the pond
playing hockey with the monkey.

And it's 1, 2, 3.
The kids love the monkey.
And 4, 5, 6.The monkey's got a hockey stick.
And 7, 8, 9.Havin' a good time yeah.

B (after a few moments of shocked silence from the other room): But have you seen SEASON 2?

Me: Oh. No.

B: Then watch.

Me: But can I rewind it and sing "Hockey Monkey" again?

B: Yes.

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