Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The allure of a $5 turkey.

It's baaaack! The $5 Safeway turkey. Yes, a 20-lb turkey for $5.

Monday afternoon was my raid-the-stores-with-my-coupons day ($73 saved, ahem ahem!). Everything was necessary... except for maybe the $5 Air-Wick plug-in that I got for $2 to put by the litter box (it works amazingly, btw).

And then to Safeway. Where the $0.29/lb turkey exists.

And here's my secret: I'm getting another today or tomorrow.

TWO turkeys?! You say. TWO?!? Two 20-lb turkeys?


I figure I'll cook them both up and then make turkey broth. I'll then freeze the turkey breast slices and some other slices in turkey broth, keeping them fresh and able to be defrosted and used on sandwiches. The rest is likely to be frozen in pot pie mixtures, destined to be turkey soup, pot pies, or some other concoction we dream up.

Hey, I have room in my freezer, so I might as well. Right?

Plus, it's an excuse to finally buy that roasting pan that just went on sale for $10.

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