Monday, November 22, 2010

The rooster who was outed.

That big ol' rooster I was telling you about? You know, the one whom I thought was a rooster and then I got a dark-colored egg from? And the so-called hen crowed on Friday?

It was all about timing. Ready to sell the non-crowing rooster, suddenly I found an egg in the coop that I THOUGHT could only match the rooster's breed of chicken. None of my other birds matched a breed that could product that egg, so I attributed the egg to the rooster, and the rooster was now a hen.

So I thought.

Then, I caught the bird crowing on Friday. Yes, hens can crow, but this greatly lowered the possibility that the bird was a rooster. I put the rooster in the laundry room cage.

Sure enough, the bird crowed in the laundry room, AND dark brown eggs appeared in the coop. The crower? A rooster.


I had thought that KFC was a black australorp. But, I'm beginning to think that she might actually be a black copper maran. I can't imagine that these JUMBO, dark brown eggs come from her (she's not the smallest), but maybe. The only other option is that my Americauna is actually a Welsummer. I doubt that though, since my Americauna has the puffy cheeks and everything. It's also not uncommon for the black copper marans to lay very large eggs (see here).

I emailed the person who was interested in buying the rooster last time, and sure enough, he was still interested. So, the birdie went away last night.

It's much quieter around here. Stuck in the laundry room, I can only guess that rooster was conjuring up very detailed plans regarding my demise. He was NOT happy about being stuck in that laundry room, let me tell you. Whooo! Ticked off, muttering, and cackling. But now, he gets to go off to a barnyard of happy hens. I suspect life for you will be pretty decent, bud.

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  1. Oh good news!!! Now I need to see pics of the two possible dark egg layers, aren't chickens fun??