Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The post where I get a little sappy

The last couple of months have been amazing. It's not like my life was difficult or horrible before, but now it feels like things have fallen into place. The new job probably played a part, as that included being in the company of very good people.

But moreso, I think it's about B and me. We've sort of come into our own, I think. Of course, there are the moments when he drives me nuts (and vice versa, I'm sure!). I feel though, like we've overcome the hurdles of newlyweds and also beaten the dulldrum period that comes after the "oh my gosh, we're married!!" period wears down. Don't get me wrong, I still feel giddy to be married to this man. But, I feel like our relationship is on such good footing. We're not merely relying on the newlywed high; we've created something more.

And believe me, that something more has had other rocks thrown in the road as we've tried to sort things out. We've moved. We've changed jobs. We've had losses. We managed the entire time to not plunge into debt. To keep our heads above water. To slowly squirrel away our nickels and dimes, without somehow losing our heads.

There have been moments. Stupid things like finding 4-day old laundry in the washer or forgetting to let the dog out. Moments where coordination as a couple has failed. Messages missed, chores not done, one person neglecting to tell the other something.

But I've come to realize: That's normal. It's how you react to those things that indicates the strength of the relationship. And I've begun to learn that the better you react, the less often those things occur.

It's made me evaluate myself as a person. How I treat others. What annoys me-- and do I do the same thing to other people? What type of a mother I want to be someday... and how I want to treat my friends and family after that happens.

Suddenly, my goals are pretty simplistic: Be a good person, I suppose, is the best way to sum up my aspiration right now. Sure, I can divide that category into a billion subcategories, ranging from being prompt at work to making sure the cat fur is swept up at home.

At this moment though, life is good.

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