Friday, November 26, 2010

The post where I scream: New COUCH!!!!

Thanks to my rampant (ok, obsessive) coupon clipping, combined with Black Friday sales, we are the owners of a new microfiber couch!


It's so nice. We can both lie on it, AT THE SAME TIME. With the loveseat, we pretty much both had to sit. Numerous things got kicked off the coffee table as we tried to put feet up there. NOT pretty.

Now? COUCH!!

I already attacked the new couch with cat scratch guard. It's kind of double stick tape, but more transparent and will not leave gunk on your couch. We also acquired a new post for Rumpole (the scratcher culprit). Hopefully, it will prove useful. And B likes to put his glasses up there when it's not in cat use. Lovely.

I even got free delivery (thank you, Home Depot associate for acting like a complete tool and forcing me to go to your manager. I NEVER do that, but today, you ticked me off to such a degree that I complained. Free truck acquired to use for delivery)

I never before have gone shopping on Black Friday. It's always been prohibitively chaotic. Today though, I braved the couch store in the afternoon, reserved the couch, and picked it up later. AND, earlier in the day, B and I walked across the river to the local mall (yes, really, the mall is across the river, about a 10-15 minute walk) and got some amazing deals on clothes (yes, for ourselves. We can deal with that).

All in all? Fabulous day.


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