Monday, November 15, 2010

The post that was not meant to be

I have this wonderful post (with photos) that is all ready to be written. It's all about how our organizing/throwing out/mess-reducing spree is going.

But Blogger has other ideas today. Photos? Impossible to upload. It's not my internet connection. It's a mystery.

Long story short, my backseat of my car is slowly filling up with Goodwill donations. I'm waiting a few more days to actually go out there, since we keep adding to the mess. We finally decided that the bin of wires and cables? Needed to be drastically sorted through. And that tool bin? Needed sifting out. Clothing, books, etc too, though we'll try selling some of the books first. I have about 3 years of backissues for Architectural Digest. I've finally parted with them.

So pretty much, we didn't just clean this weekend. Cleaning has involved just putting things back into a system that wasn't working because it had too much unnecessary stuff in it. Now, the system has MUCH free space.

Today though, I get to head out (at some point....) to the store to pick up a few plastic bins. Like the pair of shoes-sized tubs. Why? Because we've hardly used any space in the side shed shelving unit, and I'd rather have things in labeled (hopefully categorically) small tubs.

Obsessive much? Darn straight. It's lovely to have space.

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