Monday, February 15, 2010

Busy weekend and new things

Today I get to pick up 100 free grape hyacinth bulbs. I'm very excited. These will go next to our door with some marigolds or mums (purple and yellow-- I think it will look pretty), as well as around the backyard.
So pretty! Hooray for craigslist finds.
This weekend was pretty busy. We purchased a half lamb (about 20 lbs of meat) from a local farmer.
I honestly could probably live without meat, but the meat I get.... well, I like it when it's local, well-raised, and healthy. This meat fits the bill on all three, it was a good deal price-wise, and we get to try out some recipes we wouldn't have normally attempted.

This weekend I also:
  • Built 5 2'x6' cedar garden raised beds.
  • Filled all 5.
  • Planted all my black currants (8 plants!)
  • Planted 4 blueberries.
  • Planted one raised bed in the front yard with dahlias, callas, and some greenery to have some green before the bulbs sprout.
  • Cleaned the chicken box. You shoudl have heard the little annoyed chirps from my ladies. Shhhheeeez. Chick drama.
We also:
  • Went to dinner on Friday night to a local pizza place that makes Italian wood-fired pizza (yum!!)
  • Went to the bierfest on Friday night (I'm not into beer so much, but B had fun. We didn't stay long though).
  • Went to our favorite little 2-year old's birthday party!!! Color themed. I was blue.

This week, I have the following goals:
  • Plant the rest of the blueberries. That will mean 5 more boxes....One box is sort of off center and on the side. It only holds 2 blueberries, so I might be able to postpone this endeavor and only need to put 4 boxes in this week.
  • Clear an area for the chicken coop.
  • Clear an area for the sprout house.
  • Buy a hoe (for those last two projects).
  • Buy buckets from local recycling place and paint them (for grape hyacinths and, later, lavender).
  • Plant the grape hyacinths.
  • Build the smaller planter for by the front door.
  • Have B fix up the rock wall by the front door.
  • Trim the rose bush and funky other bush by the back window. Fix up the rock wall by that area to make it a better planter. Put Love Lies Bleeding in that bed.
That's all for now... I have other goals, but that's the most pressing list, I think!!!

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