Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frustrated and Grumpy.

Got a call today from someone in what now seems like a past life-- from when I worked up in Portland. It brought back a slew of old memories. Of horrible frustrations dealing with self-absorbed, inept people... the same people who eventually realized their ineptitude, needed an excuse for it, and let me go. Scapegoated.

Yes, I'm still a bit bitter.

I'm trying to remember the good things that came out of it. The people I met that I still hold dear. The fact that 85% of people where I worked know the real truth or can see through the flimsy cover story, and the fact that the inept dingbats are no longer in my life. And the realization that I will live longer than them due to a) being a better person, and b) not having the stress of dealing with them present in my life anymore.


It still brings up feelings of disgust. Disgust that fellow human beings can treat their kind so poorly. Betrayal. Powerlessness as the powerful swing their egos around and sucker punch anyone standing in their way or threatening to expose them.

But I still hate it. I also hate that I wish bad things on people. That's not the kind of person I want to be... that mentality is more akin to the evil dingbats mentioned above.

Still, to renew my faith in being good, karma could you please sucker punch a few people for me? Much appreciated.

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