Monday, February 8, 2010

Front Walkway: Before and After

This was the front walkway before. Well, kinda before: this picture shows a couple of stones removed, as well as a plant. But you get the idea: mucky mucky nasty mess. Bleh.

In Oregon, it rains a lot. Rain on dirt makes mud. Especially mucky mud when you constantly tromp through it. See example, below. Bleh.

Muddy, mucky nasty walkway. This is the reason why our house was always full of muck: the front walkway!

Another muck snapshot.

Muckiness bred junkiness. We also cleaned up all the entire frontyard. We had a lot of stuff out there from when we were doing this project, and now? It's all blissfully clean.

Another muck shot. Bleh.

We still need to fill in some areas with red rock, but didn't B do a GREAT job with Jason on this path? It is SOOO much nicer. I'm putting in some planter boxes (like in the corner by the door), but that will occur eventually. In the meantime? LOVE THE LOOK. And what's fabulous is: NO MUD in the house. Well, a lot less anyway. It is Oregon after all, and we do have a garden full of dirt. :)

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