Thursday, February 18, 2010

Neighbor update

Well, I talked with the landlord, and good news! He pretty much affirmed everything I thought, as well as assured me that her anticipated behavior wasn't acceptable.

I know I sound like a brat, but really, I have no problem with parties. I have no problem with a few camping outings either. But EVERY night? Or even a few times every week? That'd get old. And the problem is: They don't clean up. The girls don't have much respect at all for others when it comes to the shared area, as evidenced by them leaving such a mess in the trees that it looks like squatterville. Oh, and they didn't tell us about the two parties in a row either. You'd think, being that B's and my deck is about 20 feet away (and no fence in between) that they would have said SOMETHING. But nope. Two parties in a row, both until 3+am, and the mess from both remained for over a month.

Simmer simmer simmmmmmering down.

Luckily, I have the bungalowers on the other side of me, whom are both awesome. And, the landlord is supportive too. Oh, and the landlord also told me that their house? Is FIVE BEDROOMS. FIVE! Yes, that is why she pays more rent. She has 5 more bedrooms than we do (we have one loft), and a basement, and a dining room, and a bigger kitchen... and and and.

Ok, but really, I have to let this go. It's in the landlord's hands now, and that's for the best. I really can't complain. He wants craftsman gal to be more like the bungalowers and us, so I have to believe in that. Besides, I'd much rather the landlord be the bad guy than me.

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