Friday, February 5, 2010

Chicks under a heat lamp

My chicks upgraded from a 120 watt bulb they used throughout the day yesterday to a 250 watt infrared bulb. It was a good upgrade.

This is one of my fav photos. They are all asleep, sprawled out in the straw under the heat lamp. There are two in the photo that are on the roosting pole, but their little chick butts are up in the air, and their heads are so tired and heavy that the heads are down in the straw. The temperature in there is just about perfect-- right at about 90 degrees, which is what they need right now. The heat lamp did the trick so well that I could turn down the area heater in the laundry room. Look at them, all snuggled in the straw!!

Another sleepy sleepy photo. One of the post chicks saw me in though...

Yup. I've totally been spotted. They wont' really associate me with food and good things until they're a few weeks older. So they get a little scared. They're 8 days old! Of course they're scared of all things unusual.

Yup. Chick brigade united. Alarm sounded. Strange woman who gives us food is here....

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