Monday, February 22, 2010

Coat drama

This is my black coat. It's a J-Crew circa 2002. I got it on ebay slightly used. And then I used it some more. A LOT more.
The original lining was torn out and replaced by me, and then that lining was torn out and replaced by my mom. Now, mom's lining has bit the dust.

I decided to take it to a tailor. I got a recommendation from coworkers and quotes for what their (more complicated and longer) coats cost ($65). I could redo the lining myself, but for $65, I could have it done, I decided. And, at that cost, I could justify having the lining replaced instead of buying a new coat.

I took the coat in. Tailor seemed ok. I told her a) it was an old J Crew coat, not a vintage family heirloom. I didn't want to spend much. b) I wanted an estimate of how much it would cost.

The tailor said she'd give me an estimate. She also said it would take about a week. She did not indicate that anything drastic was wrong/different with the coat.

One week went by. I called after 8 days, but she hastily got off the phone. Ohoh. I began to get nervous.

Two weeks went by. I had B call her, but the phone connection was terrible.

At day 18, I was about ready to stomp over there when I got a call: Coat is ready. Total? $145. Note: I never got an estimate, even though I tried. Obviously she had been put on notice that I was attempting to get an estimate (as promised), which is why she dodged our phone calls.

She has nothing of mine to tie me to the coat besides my phone number. I did not pay in advance or provide a deposit or address. I'm a tad furious.

So, I've written her a letter asking her to contact me. I laid out all my grievances and offered a significantly lower settling price. If she doesn't come down to my level, well, she gets a coat. And me? I'll find a new black coat.

I don't think I'm being unreasonable. I did my due diligence in finding price estimates. I even told her that I had price estimates from coworkers. I feel like she's taking advantage of the situation, especially since it was NOT that complicated of a lining re-do. No fancy waistbands or anything.

I know tailors employ themselves, and I feel pretty bad, but I TRIED. And, we had an agreement. I think I'm being reasonable.... Maybe she'll be able to sell the coat.

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  1. Was the tailor in Portland? I am looking to reline basically the exact same coat and want to make sure I don't go there!