Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freezer and Fence: FAIL

SIGH. Two important things were learned yesterday.

1) When you have a freezer for extra storage space, make sure that power strip you have it plugged into? Make sure you don't accidentally push that button to turn off the power strip. Yea. All the stuff in there smells like dog-poo smeared 50-day old fish. GROSS. It's not too much monetarily (thankfully). About $15 in chicken breasts, $20 in homemade burritos, and $5 in bagels, but what makes me mad is the top tier of our wedding cake was in there. It's not salvageable. Sigh. So (oh shucks!) we'll just have to get a super cute small cake for our anniversary. And it will be delicious. :) We're currently re-freezing everything so when we dump it in the trash tonight, it will be frozen and not smell nearly so much like meat death.

2) When you buy chain link for a chicken coop, make sure you realize the true reality of how heavy it is. I had never lifted chain link. Lumber? Yes. Plumbing? Yes. You get the idea. But when would I ever have been exposed to lifting a roll of chain link? Um, never... until yesterday. It was a sweet craigslist deal on a 8'x50' section of chain link. And I could hardly lift an end with the seller. I ended up paying him an extra chunk of change to use his truck instead of my friend's subaru. We NEVER would have been able to lift it into there. DEAR GOODNESS. It was so heavy. And the best thing? I was wearing heels. And dress pants. Note to self: When running an errand at lunchtime, schedule in a wardrobe change if it involves lifting things WELL over your own body weight. YIKES.

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  1. Oh no, that is so sad about your cake topper. Ugh. Also that is funny about the fencing, who knew it would be so heavy.