Friday, February 26, 2010

Chicken buddy and dog buttons...

Ok, it's official. I'm naming one hen, but hopefully, naming and bonding with one won't make me bond with the others.

Her name? Greta. I put a blue piece of painters tape loosely on her leg last night, as I wanted to make sure it was the same hen being a sweetheart. It looked like her, but, then again, they all look very similar.
This morning? Yup, same hen. She saw me sitting by the edge of the pen, and she trotted on over and hopped up on the pen's edge. Swoon.

On other animal notes....
B put on a dress shirt yesterday, and all of a sudden I hear a yell. I wander over to make sure he's ok, and all I hear is a grumbling of "DARN DOG!" Yes, she had chewed off the buttons on his sleeves.
I'm not sure why or how she does it. The shirt is never ruined. No holes in the shirt. Just a snipping off of buttons. And she doesn't eat the buttons; we'll find them all over the house. Now we have to be especially vigilant, making sure nothing misses the laundry basket. What a nutty dog.


  1. That's crazy! We have several mysteries like that with out dogs. (How DO they open doors like that?!)


  2. Aww Greta is cute in a ugly not fully grown awkward stage. I have bonded with all my chickens so far, even the mean won't let my pet ones. But I am weird like that.
    And how funny and sneaky of your cute little dog.

  3. But that face... how can you get mad at that face? Actually, I do get mad at her, but it has to be something she can easily link together. I did x, you're punishing me for it. Finding a shirt, possibly days later.... she's just not going to get it if we punish her for that.

    Now, when she takes out our shoe insoles and gumms them... and I find them immediately, show her them, tell her no, and (uber gently) swat her on the behind, ooooh, she gets it. BIG time. She avoids shoes like the plague. That is, until she is overcome with the sweet smell of shoe insoles and that gumming desire takes control.