Thursday, February 18, 2010


On Monday, B went to a local nursery. I had said I wanted some strawberries. The nursery had a big sale on strawberries, so B came home with 4 big bundles of 25+ (each!) strawberries. He got 2 everbearing bundles and 2 June-bearing bundles.

That's a lot of strawberries. I'm not complaining, but that's a lot of strawberries. Especially considering that I already had 50 in various buckets on the back deck.

Now, the idea is for the back deck to house 3 dwarf fruit trees (1.5' diameter of space each; they don't take up much room) and then a mixture of flowers in pots and strawberries in pots.

But with 150+ strawberries, I have to find a new plan, otherwise I will only have strawberries!

I filled up 13 pots last night, and I only used up 1.5 bundles. So I still have 65+ strawberries to plant.

I have 1 more planter and three small planter boxes. I will fill those up, and then probably move the rest of the plants to the front yard. I think. Or maybe fix up an area alongside the garlic bed? Or use the area next to the garlic for strawberries instead? I would put them in the front beds, but I'm worried that they won't get a ton of sun there and won't flourish. I could hang buckets from the balcony, but I'd have to rig something up fast.

The main problem is that I have about 3 days (maximum) to plant these strawberries before they start showing wear from not being planted. Hmm hmm.

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