Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dried cherries

Remember all those cherries my friend and I canned up last summer? Here is a photo of 1/3 of the cans:
We had picked about 80lbs of free cherries from a friend of mine's trees. Even after eating them and gifting some away, that's still a lot of cherries to go through.

So yesterday, I thought: Why not try out my dehydrator on them? I've been meaning to break in the dehydrator, especially since it may be getting a LOT of use in the summer.

Oh my oh my oh my. Oh-so-yummy cherries!! DRIED! Chewy but not too chewy, moist but not so moist they'll go bad anytime soon. I only did two trays, and tonight I am so excited to do more. Such an easy-to-grab snack! And pretty healthy; we canned most of them in apple juice or a little bit of brown sugar, but much of the sugar stays in the sauce, which is NOT put in the dehydrator.

I also want to use some of my raspberry sauce and see if I can make fruit leather strips. OMG. SO much fun!!!

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