Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friendly Hen

So far, the hens were all scared of me. They'd flock together like a giant school of scared guppies to whatever corner of the pen was the furthest away. They'd chortle in hen-speak, what I can only imagine was "eek, the odd huge one has returned, run run!" or something to that effect.

Then last night, one changed its mind. There is now one friendly hen and nine, well, chicken hens.
She separates itself from the others and wait for me to scratch her head.

She likes to sleep on my lap. (LOOK HOW BIG THEY ARE GETTING!!!!) Her little feathers growing in on top her head must hurt and itch.
Now, instead of ten scaredy chickens, she is the lone girl, waiting head scratches. This was last night... this morning, she was still doing this! Hopefully, the other girls will realize the benefits of head scratches (and oooh, under-the-wing scratches) soon.

1 comment:

  1. She sleeps in your lap?! I want a hen that sleeps in my lap and allows head scratches...

    Do you think the dogs would understand?