Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow oh snow, hope I hope

Upon reading this, my blog friend Ashley is probably laughing her pregnant self to pieces. Whatever, Schram Minnesotan.

Forecast is still calling for snow here, with a bit of a break from rain beforehand, so it MIGHT STICK. Though we typically get a few snows here, we a) got NO SNOW last year, and b) it doesn't usually snow before Thanksgiving. Fall was kinda mild, so this is a shell shocker of "wow, it's almost winter!"

Snow's only supposed to last until mid-day tomorrow, but the temp is not supposed to get above freezing, so the snow may stay.

Anyway, this is advanced warning that if there is snow, there will be photos and video of the pup getting to see snow for the first time. Oh, I giggle.

I grew up in warm locales where I never saw snow at home. So here's hoping for a decent dumping this winter to make me sick of it (like Christmas '08)!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I am laughing just a little. :) Hey, I won't argue snow on the ground for the holidays is fun and pretty and puts me in a festive mood. I just don't want to drive in it! I'll be wishing for the light, fluffy, snow for you and your pup rather than the freezing rain and ice! :) Happy Thanksgiving!