Monday, March 29, 2010

BIRTHDAY, soggy chicken, pea update and fuzzy cat clothing

First and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B!!!!! Love of my life, putter upper with all my shenanigans. I love you so much.

The rain continues in my neck of the world. Wonderful Saturday, but SOGGY ever since. Finally, I took pity of my chickens this morning. I battened down the hatches. Their coop is dry, UNDER their coop is dry, and now, their little outside area is dryish. The rain is supposed to continue for a while, and that was really what prompted the tarpiness. It's either tied on or stapled on, with a board screwed inside to make it like a tent. I also poked holes in a few selective places so that any pooled water won't make the entire tarp bow down. Here's hoping it works....

Pea update! The second bed is now filled, and the first bed's trellis has string! I can make the string higher, if need be, but for now, it's standing at about 3' of string.
And, the peas are planted! Well, some of the peas are planted. These are snow peas. Sugar snap and green arrow still need to be transplanted. This will happen soon... hopefully. Darn rain!
And finally, an explanation of why our clothes always have fur on them:
Look at Rumpole's darn contented face.
Contented only while uninterrupted, apparently. Guess the rule is to let sleeping cats lie (rather than to take photos of them, huh?).


  1. Man, those pea trellises are sooo impressive! I need to remember to show them to my husband! This is a project we are going to be working on soon... likely this weekend!

    You guys sure have a pretty yard! (I enjoyed looking back at some of your recent photos!) It's gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! If you want, I can post some photos in a soon-to-come blog post about how I made them. They were REALLY simple, and only cost about $3 to make (that includes the string!)

  3. Oh, yes I would love that!!! The price is right too! They are so inexpensive... yet they look so fancy!