Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow peas planted, self-punishing dog, and to-dos...


Now, I can work outside until 7:30 (after getting home from work). The chicken coop should be finished today! And then, I can work inside when it gets dark. Delightful.

I started the peas on Saturday, and by last night, the first batch was ready to go. When you're planting the sprouts, you have to be really careful not to hurt the root (which is the first part to sprout). These peas call for planting of 1"-1.5", so I made the hole a little deeper, giving the root space (so I wouldn't have to squish it down). I make sure to also hold the pea by the round seed part, not the root part. There are so many teeeeeny fuzzy roots that I don't want to squish.

First up? SNOW PEAS!

I still have about 12 to plant, but I ran out of newspaper. Snow peas are great because they are YUMMY fresh in food and as a raw snack, but they also freeze well. And, they are great to give away. So, I have a lot of them. I also expect that a few won't come up, so I'm compensating. And, I should note, once you've made your first 50 newspaper plant pots, you become a real pro and fast at them!
They're being left indoors for a day, just to give them time to adjust and start working on the green sprout. A few of the seeds had a little teeny (like 1/32 or 1/16 big) sprout coming up, so I suspect it won't take too long. I'm keeping the soil moist to help encourage this. I'm making sure to keep the house 68 or lower. Peas don't particularly like heat. It works out fine because our main heater is in the other room, so this kitchen area doesn't get very warm. And yes, those are covers on the peas so the cat monster Frankie (what a turd) doesn't sit on my seedlings.

On to the self-punishing dog...
I walked into the living room this morning, and I saw this:

Yes, that's the Madster looking at me from her kennel. She normally only goes back to her kennel if she's done something bad. Her kennel is her safe place, and she goes there to sleep at night. If she goes there during the day, be on the lookout for what she did wrong.

I quickly discovered what it was:
You can't easily tell, but those are my recently-clean kitchen floors. That's her water bowl. The water looks muddy (and the floors look disgustingly muddy) because a certain self-punishing corgi was DIGGING IN HER WATER BOWL AGAIN. Sigh. She knows she is not supposed to, but she just can't help it. She went outside this morning, got dirty paws (just a little makes a lot of mud), and then came back in and kersploshed around. DARN DOG. What a nutcase.

To-do list this week:
* Finish coop (tonight!!! yay! photos tomorrow, hopefully).
* Plant second batch of snap peas tonight (get more newspaper)
* Start cleaning up the yard in preparation for mowing.
* Determine if my dear sister is visiting this weekend or not (this impacts when to rent the tiller and mower). If she is visiting, then I have to likely build my pea beds before the rest of the yard is tilled/mowed so I can plant my pea plants before they get too big and get themselves tangled together.

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  1. The gem of this post is definitely the self-punishing dog. I haven't laughed so hard ALL DAY!

    Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com