Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goals for 2010

I know I'm a bit late, but I want to slowly add to a list I've been mulling over: Things to accomplish this year. I like the thought of going back and making sure things are crossed off. OR at least seeing what I crossed off. So here it goes!
  • Work in the backyard and make our plot (if not the far back plot too) look fabulous.
  • Either get hired permanently at the job I'm at now, or find a job I love (if the current job stays contract-only).
  • Save at least 5% of our expected house cost. Preferably 10%, but we'll see.
  • Pay off at least $5k more than my regular payments on my student loans.
  • Lose 20lbs. The outdoor work helps, but the ice cream at night doesn't.
  • Snowshoe at least once.
  • Leave the state on a vacation at least once.
  • Have gifts sent to family members in advance for their birthdays. I already screwed this up once with B's sister, but from here.on.out.
  • Be a good wife. Work with B, coordinate with him, and love him. Try to help us both make a happy household.
  • Organize my recipes. Right now they are all over the place, and a hefty chunk of them are on my computer (which inevitably results in goop on keyboard as I cook).
  • Organize my crafts in a manner which would make Martha Stewart (may she live forever) proud. Right now, I just make a mess whenever I want to gussy something up.
  • Make our wedding album.
  • Frame wedding photos.
  • Scrapbook various events. Or at least album them.
  • Become proficient at my jewelry idea and market it (this one is a not necessarily MUST get done).
  • Volunteer at least one day at Sweet Briar Farms.
  • Learn how to make hard apple cider.
  • Freeze, can, pressure can, dry or dehydrate all leftover garden produce and create an organized kitchen.
  • Keep a cleaner car.
  • Get Goldie's (the car) leaky vent thingie fixed which floods the tire compartment under the trunk every.single.year. (water which freezes in winter)
That's it for now, but I'll be adding more as they come.

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