Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What the heck is that on the hillside?!

Off I was, driving to the store after work yesterday, and what do I see? THIS:

Yes, that's SNOW on the nearby hill. AH! Go go. FAR away. Now, granted, it's still a ways vertically until it would get to me, but STILL. We've received 5.5 inches of rain in March, but that's been mostly in the past 4 days.

The view from my office is a muddy river.
We're supposed to get thunderstorms later today (a rarity here).
Yup, still muddy. I like that there's a duck in the bottom right-hand corner of this photo.
All of you probably think I'm nuts for going on about the weather. Honestly, rain is typical and I should be used to it. But hillside snow in late March is not typical, and after a really easy-going winter, it's a bit harsh to suddenly get dumped on by rain. But, the local ski resorts are LOVING it, and it will lessen the likelihood of a summer drought. So, I shouldn't be complaining. I do want it to stop soon; I have stuff I want to get in the ground, and my folks may fly up a week from tomorrow (weather permitting).

In other news...

I stuck to the dinner plan last night and made falafels! I decided to serve it sushi roll style, layered with avocado and tomato.
I eventually topped it off with some side spinach, some non-fat yogurt, and some light sweet onion dressing. I was very happy with the turnout. Falafel is one of those things you can mix and match things with, so I think we'll be having it more often. Plus, all you need is the mix, water, and an egg or two. Pretty easy to always have on hand.
Oh yes, and a glass of delicious wine (like my frosted windows?).
And to top this all off, I was the epitome of a super sexy cook, with my Michael Jackson-esque glove routine. I really wanted to cook in the kitchen, but I did not want to get that darn cut of mine wet. So.... glove and a clean hairband. SEXY. It was a powderless glove (so no residue on my cut), and at least this way, I could tackle any dish mess I made.
GROWL. Sexy, no? Arg though-- why do my wrists always look massive in photos? I have really small wrists! Ridiculous.

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